Friday, January 28, 2011

Remission or a Fluke? Either Way, I'll Take It!

By Clara Hurtado Lee

Today was a markedly good day for me. I felt well enough to go to Jazzercise again! This is amazing considering the fact that I am no longer taking prednisone. I am hoping that my upswing in energy and lack of pain is due to a pregnancy induced remission. I am in week 14 of my pregnancy and officially into the second trimester. I hope that the way I am feeling today is a signal of how I will feel for the next few months as well.

Jumping back into class felt great. I was able to pick up the steps easily. My body seemed to remember what to do. I listened to my body and modified a few things based on discomfort. I did not use hand weights since the joints on my hands are still quite inflamed. I also chose to march instead of hop a few times to be gentler on my knees. But I was able to do almost everything else comfortably. My center of balance has shifted a bit naturally now that my belly is poking out a little. So there were a few times that I felt wobbly.

It was great to break a sweat and move again! My mental state is more positive and I feel better physically than I have in months. I don't have any residual pain after working out, so I am thinking of getting back in my three days a week routine.

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