Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Grappling with the Great Mystery that Is Weight Loss

By M Ryan Taylor

Amazing. Some weeks are like that. For instance, the first week of November. I had no idea why or wherefore, but somehow the pounds just dropped off me. I would step on the scale each morning and find myself a pound lighter. Look at me go! Literally.

Other weeks aren’t like that. The next week it was like my body reared up and said, "Whoa Nellie, you're going a little too fast for my comfort. Let's just plateau for a while." I do have an idea of part of the problem that week—eating freely at an awards dinner—but mostly I was on the same regimen as the week before. Frustrating.

From week to week the results may vary, but one thing I'm learning over the long haul (going on to eight months now) is that consistency over time always results in progress. The message to me: disregard the mystery and keep going.

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  1. Have you tried MyFitnessPal? Counting calories is usually a lot more effective than other methods, which really end up just being a darned good guess. lol. :) Good luck! We love you for who you are, either way. Keep composing!