Thursday, December 16, 2010

I Still Have a Long Way to Go

By M Ryan Taylor

Read more about Ryan's plans to become half the man he was in his December 2010 article.

When someone congratulates me on how far I've come, how good I'm looking, or how much they are being “inspired” by me, my first thought is always, "I still have a long way to go." Usually, I say as much.

When you start out as heavy as I did in your journey to health and fitness, a 70 pound loss only translates to a loss of one size—in my case, from a 5x to a 4x. That's kind of discouraging, but at the same time it is also a big help. How?

This is a whole new life. It may take me a long while to reach an ideal weight, but when I do finally get there, the habits I've formed will be so deeply entrenched in my life and being that there will be no backsliding. I'll have finally embraced the fact that “it's all uphill from here,” and not be discouraged by that bit of knowledge. There is no standing still. There is only effort or regress. Those are the choices.

When I finally reach my “ideal” weight, somewhere around my 40th birthday by current calculations, I'll still be glad to say, "I have a long way to go."

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  1. Congratulations Ryan for all you have achieved so far and for being willing to share your journey! Alexander Technique changed my life, and it definitely positively influences my daily movements, my singing, and my work as a fitness professional (I am a Russian Kettlebell Instructor). Hopefully there will be an AT instructor in your area soon!

    Best wishes for your continuing fitness success!